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You know what? I used to struggle with purpose. Actually, that’s a lie. I still struggle with purpose. And if you’re wondering what that means, it means that I struggle with not only finding my calling, and living it, but also finding a calling that glorifies Christ.
         My favorite bible verse, which I’ve posted about before, is Ephesians 4:1. “As a prisoner of the lord, I (Paul) urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” But as a nineteen year old girl…. HOW on EARTH do I know what my calling is supposed to be??? I really have very few leads on this, except that it’s not really about earth at all. I only know one thing, with the help of this verse, about what my calling should be. It should be about Christ, and it should allow me to live a life WORTHY of the calling (JESUS) that I have received. Other than that one (although extremely important) tidbit of information, I got no clue.
         That is, I had no clue. Have no clue, and quite possibly will never have a clue. BUT THAT IS OKAY, because God has a clue. God can work through us even when we are unsure, afraid, or maybe even lacking in faith. He can work through us even when we feel ordinary and useless. A good example of this is in Genesis 26:1-35, where Isaac, who was a completely ordinary guy as a descendent of Abraham, had to learn how to have faith in God through even ordinary trials.

         I like to think that I discover my calling little bits at a time. Through moments, music, family, friends, experiences, and time spent with my bible. I think it lies in things that make my heart want to explode with happiness, things that I can use to share my love for Christ and the message that lies in the Gospel. I think it’s important to learn to identify these moments, to make them last a little longer, and to let them sink into the heart so that you can find what makes them so important. I think that most importantly, God’s purpose is the most important in our lives, even when we don’t know how it’s taking place.
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