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Strawberries Mean Summer


Strawberries mean Summer.
And Summer means being busy and moving around 24/7.

We’ve been suuuupper busy lately preparing for and enjoying summer!
We’ve begun picking strawberries.
Crops are in the fields.
We’ve begun planting the garden and seeing little plants arrive!
We’ve been cutting hay. Baling hay.
We went for a much needed long horse ride through endless pasture and backroads.
We’ve begun building our produce wagon, which will be put next to a little county highway later this summer when our little plants start producing.
We’ve got a boatload of wedding and babies to prepare for.
It feels like new beginnings are in store and even though we are constantly on the move there is a sense of satisfaction at each day’s end.

As for strawberries, I’ve picked the first couple ripe ones just today. We are planning on making homemade strawberry ice cream and strawberry & peach jam with them.

Next to add to the produce wagon is a new floor. We busted out all the old plywood and are replacing it with new plywood later this week, along with adding a sign and fixing the wheels, and finally bolting a cash box to it. Let me tell you, this old trailer was a real junker! But I’m glad that fixing it up has gone so smoothly.

It’s important to be thankful for good moments and days like these, and to enjoy the perfection while it lasts.

Summer makes me feel like a Proverbs 31 woman. I’m busy and growing.

It’s important to be thankful for not only the good days, but the bad days as well. As said in Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Enjoy some of these snippets of  warm beautiful summer days and our endless adventure.

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